Why Hire Us?

Citizens First is an Ottawa based social enterprise that provides facilitation services to clients with a social mission.

Our expertise supports organizations from start-ups to mature organizations requiring renewal and realignment with new priorities, budget or services.

As a social enterprise we are accessible and affordable to non-profits and charities. We offer a 25% discount off our services.

Giving Back To Community

Once a year we dedicate our facilitation and consulting services to one special project.

(Note: Our 2017 project was valued at $20,000)

Basic criteria for project proposal:

  1.  You are a non-profit or charity providing services to underrepresented, marginalized and vulnerable populations.
  2.  You value innovative solutions and need to resolve a systemic, long-term problem that will benefit a specific population.
  3.  The results will impact many lives.
  4.  Results could be implemented by more than one organization.

If you have a project in mind for 2018 contact us