Michelle Reimer Founder & Creative Director

Michelle Reimer

Founder & Creative Director

Citizen's First was founded by Michelle Reimer in 2015, after a 23 year career in the health and public sector. Michelle's core experience is leading management teams in policy and legislation development, business planning and performance. Michelle's background is in health science and she holds professional certificates in facilitation (IAF), design-thinking (Acumen & SSIR) organizational development (NTL), public participation (IAP2), conflict resolution (CICR) and organizing & change leadership (Harvard Kennedy School). Her life-long passion for social justice and human rights are the driving force behind her work at Citizens First. For more information about Michelle see her LinkedIn page. 

Michelle is an inspired facilitator. She is always simultaneously handling the objectives of the session, the communication process and most importantly, the people.
— Christine, Director, Health Canada

Marika has worked with international, national and local governments, as well as, the non-profit sector in the capacity of strategist, business developer and communication advisor. Her current consulting practice intersects with strategy, design-thinking and creative problem-solving. Marika's work is inspired by purpose-driven organizations and the untapped creative potential of individuals and teams. As a process facilitator she is skilled at building organizational capacity to innovate so clients can meet the needs of their constituents.

Marika holds an Executive Certificate in Social Impact Strategy from the University of Pennsylvania, a Creative Problem Solving Certificate from the Creative Problem Solving Institute and a Bachelor of Social Science from the University of Ottawa. Marika is fluent in English, French and Spanish. For more detailed information about Marika see her LinkedIn page.

Marika Escaravage Social Impact and Innovation Consultant

Marika Escaravage

Social Impact and Innovation Consultant


Citizens First partners with a broad network of facilitators and teachers in the field of innovation, leadership and change.  Additionally, our work is is strengthened by local and national experts. See list here.