The Benefits of Using Persona Profiles: A Case Study with Sashi & Ajeet

This is further to my previous blog post, Journey Mapping, "A Day in A Life" with Sashi and Ajeet.  (Click on title of this Blog to view the persona profile or get a better view of the profile on my LinkedIn page).

I use persona profiles like the one shown here to help Boards of Directors and programs managers refocus their planning and priority setting. It places the people they serve at the centre of decision-making incorporating some of the tools used in Human-Centred Design (HCD) thinking into the strategic planning process. Using persona profiles help to build a better understanding of your users and provides insights on how to move the dial forward for them.

Boards of Directors appreciate this tool as a means to bridge the gap of strategy and the day-to-day operations of an organization. Program managers enjoy this tool as it gives them a refreshing way to showcase their work and the knowledge they have of individual lives they are trying to improve. 

When reading the persona  profile of Sashi you gain empathy on her life and insights on her hopes for her 18 year old son, Ajeet, a non-verbal autistic man. It is only when you read about Sashi's needs, motivations, goals and frustrations that you can identifying possible gaps in program delivery and create better more effective solutions for similar personas like Sashi and Ajeet.