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Nature: The Disconnect Between Infinite Growth and Finite Resources

Join Citizens First as we host the second live session offered by the Presencing Institute on Transforming Capitalism.


We are exceeding the carrying capacity of planet earth. What is the root issue? It's what Karl Polaryi called "commodity fiction; we treat nature as if is a commodity. Our mindset with regards to nature is take, make and waste."

Our special guest, Winona LaDuke, Harvard Graduate in Economics and Executive Director of Honor the Earth, a national advocacy group encouraging public support and funding for Native environmental groups. With Honor the Earth, Winona works nationally and internationally on issues of climate change, renewable energy, sustainable development, food systems and environmental justice. Members of Honor the Earth are active in the Dakota Access Pipeline protests.

Challenge: How can we redesign the economic process - from the personal to systemic levels - from a linear take, make, waste to a cyclical model of a regenerative economy?

Join Us

Join us in what we anticipate to be a stimulating and thought-provoking presentation. 

  1. RSVP at Ottawa Meet-Up
  2. Join our community hub at the Presencing Institute and enjoy the global conversation.