Nature: The Disconnect Between Infinite Growth and Finite Resources
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Nature: The Disconnect Between Infinite Growth and Finite Resources

Join Citizens First as we host the second live session offered by the Presencing Institute on Transforming Capitalism.


We are exceeding the carrying capacity of planet earth. What is the root issue? It's what Karl Polaryi called "commodity fiction; we treat nature as if is a commodity. Our mindset with regards to nature is take, make and waste."

Our special guest, Winona LaDuke, Harvard Graduate in Economics and Executive Director of Honor the Earth, a national advocacy group encouraging public support and funding for Native environmental groups. With Honor the Earth, Winona works nationally and internationally on issues of climate change, renewable energy, sustainable development, food systems and environmental justice. Members of Honor the Earth are active in the Dakota Access Pipeline protests.

Challenge: How can we redesign the economic process - from the personal to systemic levels - from a linear take, make, waste to a cyclical model of a regenerative economy?

Join Us

Join us in what we anticipate to be a stimulating and thought-provoking presentation. 

  1. RSVP at Ottawa Meet-Up
  2. Join our community hub at the Presencing Institute and enjoy the global conversation.
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Transforming Capitalism Lab (Live Session 1 : Beyond GDP)
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Transforming Capitalism Lab (Live Session 1 : Beyond GDP)

Join Citizens First in Ottawa as we host, "Beyond GDP", the first of nine live sessions in the 2018 series, Transforming Capitalism Lab. This lab will bring together Ottawa thinkers and change-makers for a delightful and stimulating conversation on how we might reframe the way we understand capitalism.

"Beyond GDP" contemplates how we might create economies that generate well-being for all. The way we create and measure progress in our economies around GDP is leading us down a environmentally, socially and personally destructive paths. Most visible in developed economies, more GDP does not translate into more well-being.

Traditional economists have a huge blind spot when it comes to recognizing the importance of ecological, social and cultural factors. So often termed “externalities,” they are considered ancillary to, and less important than, blunt economic metrics like GDP.
— Otto Scharmer

The nine live lectures for 2018 include:  Beyond GDP, Nature, Labor, Capital, Technology, Business, Government & Democracy, Education & Learning, Integration & Synthesis.

The Transforming Capitalism Lab is brought to you in collaboration with co-founder of the Presencing Institute & MIT Sloan School of Management, Senior Lecturer, Otto Scharmer and the Huffington Post.  

Join Here

To join this learning journey and lecture series:

  1. Join our Ottawa Meet-up Group for up-to-date meetings and locations.
  2. Register on the Presencing Institute website to have access to the learning tools.

Why Lab?

The Lab is an opportunity to learn together, stimulate new- thinking and to look for opportunities to solve problems differently (innovate).

The design challenge:  How can we measure progress toward generating sustainable and inclusive economies that create well-being for all (people and planet)?

To support the Lab we will use a number of tools previously developed by Otto Scharmer and his colleagues.

What will you gain from this experience? You will:

  • hear from expert thought-leaders in the field
  • learn about some inspiring examples of change from around the world
  • receive methods and tools that will help you turn your own emerging ideas into action
  • connect with others working on similar challenges in their community
  • more details here


Our first meeting will be held in the Blue Room, 2nd Floor, 25One Community, 251 Bank Street.

Paid parking is available on Bank Street and side streets. This is an accessible space and an elevator is available.

  1. Doors open at 9:30 am
  2. Live Lecture at 10:00 am - 11:00 am
  3. Brief discussion and next steps at 11:00 - 11:30 am

Should you have any questions before hand don't hesitate to contact Michelle at 613-286-3217 or


Otto Scharmer challenges our fundamental approach to problem-solving. Listen to this video for a brief example.

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Building Skills For Change
to Oct 15

Building Skills For Change

Calling all Change Leaders

Join Olivia Chow, Michelle Reimer and a team of facilitators for this impactful two day workshop on building skills for change. This course is for you if you are:

  • organizing a campaign for change
  • developing your leadership team
  • building project momentum
  • an activist who desires change and wants to make a difference
  • involved (or thinking of getting involved) in a social, environmental or political cause

The curriculum brings Marshall Ganzs' proven organizing skills training into the Canadian context. You will learn practical skills to motivate the people you are organizing.  You will learn to:

  • Tell your story to persuade and motivate others
  • Recruit and retain volunteers
  • Structure your team of leaders for growth
  • Strategize and choose tactics that support your goals

This highly engaging workshop will be run through a combination of lectures and break out groups overseen by a trained facilitator.  Class size will range from 25-40 participants.

Click on this link to register.

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