People are the heart and soul of an organization. 

At Citizens First we know that a happy, healthy workforce creates a high performing organization with satisfied clients.

To bring out the best in your organization we offer the following solutions:


Facilitate Organizational Alignment

Organizations are complex, interconnected and living entities. At Citizens First we apply an organizational development framework to assess alignment of strategic vision, resources, people and social impact.


Facilitate Individual & Team Strengths

Relationships with self and within teams is core to organizational wellness and performance. At Citizens First we use a suite of tools to empower individuals and teams to play more effectively to their strengths, values and motivations.


Coach and facilitate Conflict resolution

Conflict is a learning opportunity for individuals and teams.  Conflict is a symptom of an underlying issue and early intervention is imperative for the health and well-being of those involved. At Citizen's First we assess, coach and advise on strategies to reclaim organizational wellness and performance.